Video Game Design Encourages Play

There is far more to the design and manufacture of video games than a blip on the screen and a catchy name. Video game design has evolved into an advanced graphic imagery process that implements facets of science, technology, and even psychology. In order to stimulate players and entice them to play, game design must […]

Top Ranked Video Game Developers

Over years, the world of animated video games has become a lucrative one. Most of the firms started as humble software games companies and have grown to become household names in the game industry. By early 2012, annual video game sales had nearly doubled the movie ticket sales. Since, they have been on a continuous […]

So Many Games

In today’s electronically driven society, there are numerous video game genres. Some of the more popular ones are the role-playing, action, strategy, sports, adventure, educational, and casual genres. Many of these game genres require the players to be heavily dedicated to gaming in order to thoroughly enjoy them, but some games are quick and easy […]